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March Self-Care Retreat

I had the privilege of sharing an amazing weekend with a remarkable group of women who were willing to take the time to self-reflect and make care-full decisions for themselves going forward.

The setting was lovely. The constant song of the bellbirds was a beautiful background soundscape to all our activities. As we moved through each of the activities the women had time to think about their past year, what worked for them and what didn't. They learned a range of new self-care techniques and uncovered a deep gratitude for the blessings they already had in their lives.

From one happy retreater "The weekend retreat held at Yanada at St Albans was a gift. A gift of "care", a gift of a peaceful environ with wonderful catering. A gift of reflective time in a safe environment. A gift of time with a wonderful, knowledgable facilitator with a kind, nurturing group of like-minded women"

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