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I spent the holidays travelling around the South Island of New Zealand in a camper van with my husband and son. We were accompanied by my sister-in-laws family who have a converted bus.

Being on holidays is so appealing because we get to live in the moment. Home, bills, jobs and housework recede into another place (ready to be picked up, unfortunately, on arrival back home)

The house work consisted of sweeping out the van each day and making the bedroom back into a dining room. We shopped for food as we travelled, moved from place to place on almost a daily basis. The holiday was mostly enjoying the magnificent scenery and marvelling at the changes of landscape every few kilometres. It was breathtakingly beautiful, sometimes wild, with fierce chill winds and other times, sunny, mild and balmy.

New Years in Queenstown was crazy. The place was packed. It was very cold, there was a snow fall overnight on the peaks, but that didn't stop intrepid New Years revellers plunging into the lake at the stroke of midnight.

We went on a jet boat on the Shotover river, which was incredible because of the scenery and the thrill of the boat, navigating a narrow rocky passage at high speed. We flew in a helicopter over a glacier and landed to grab handfuls of snow. We rode on a Gondola up to a peak to take in the views late on New years eve.

My favourite place was Moeraki and the famous boulders. It was a lovely little fishing village, very quiet, but the best fish and chips at the local, overlooking the quiet bay. We travelled to see the boulders at dawn and look many beautiful photos.

I realised I had done lots of things that I could cross off a bucket list, if I had one. So this year, I have decided to make a bucket list. What would you put on your bucket list? Here are some websites to help you design your bucket list. I particularly like this one

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