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About Me



I am passionate about creating opportunities for personal growth, new perspectives,

instilling hope and confidence, and helping you find joy and personal well-being.

I do what I do, because I believe everyone has the key to the answers they need, 

within them.

I am great at helping you find the key!

We all have problems and issues related to our life experiences plus family of origin

and ancestral issues.

I use a range of skills to assist you to understand and make sense of these issues and

change what can be changed.   I use counselling, to hear your story, EFT (Tapping) to  

shift patterns, unhelpful beliefs and trauma, Family and Systemic Constellations

to access modelled and ancestral issues.

I also run workshops and retreats on specific issues so participants can be immersed in a

healing space and have time to process new learning.

Like most people, I have had many obstacles and struggles over time. I didn't have a lot of help, mainly because I refused to ask, which was due to an unhelpful belief I had formed at 18 months of age.  I found myself struggling financially, lonely, sad, and not wanting to go back into a profession I had previously done well in. I started a process of uncovering unhelpful beliefs that quickly changed my situation and within 5 years of completing it, everything I had previously wished for, was a reality. I had qualifications in my profession of choice, a brand new home and was back in a relationship.  I am now a consultant, run my own business and want to inspire and resource others to make positive changes to fulfil their own dreams.

I could burble on about my qualifications and experience endlessly but really, the most important questions are:


Will you be comfortable working with me?


Do I think I can help you?

If you are comfortable with me (which is very important in a therapeutic relationship) and I think I can assist you (if not I will make an appropriate referral) then we can collaborate on your issues and go looking for that KEY!

So call me for a 15 min free consultation

Here’s my qualifications anyway:

Trauma Informed Practitioner, Grad Dip Relationship Counselling, Bachelor of Counselling. Systemic and Family Constellation Practitioner,

Cert IV Assessment & Workplace Training. Diploma Individual, Couple & Family Therapy. EFT (Tapping) Practitioner, ACA approved Clinical Supervisor,

Cert of Critical Incident Management






Denise Warner
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