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    Do you want to build a more intimate, trusting relationship with your partner?

    Would you like to resolve a difficult issue in your life?

     Do you need clarity on a situation - e.g. on a relationship or a career change?




















Are you seeking more effective communication in your relationships?

     Are you searching relief from anxiety and stress that sometimes feels overwhelming?






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What my clients and students say:


“I found Denise was really down to earth trainer. Denise gave time and attention in helping the class really understand concept & assessments. I really loved being in class & coming to class due to Denise making learning fun and interactive.”



“Denise is the best ever trainer. She is so helpful, clear & to the point. She brings out the best in every student in a respectful way.”



"I went to see Denise to get help with living with anxiety from a traumatic event that had occurred over 10 years ago and get support for a current stressful situation through counselling and tapping. After reading about EFT and tapping previously, I thought I would give it a go. Denise was able to not only do Tapping with me in the session but teach me so I am able to do it on my own, all while making me feel safe. I have experienced great changes in myself and how to deal with anxiety daily, and my family and friends have noticed the positive changes too. I now Tap every day! Thank you Denise."

Anonymous, Client







"Thankfully Denise Warner was recommended to me by a good friend when I was going through a very difficult time last year. I rang to set up the appointment for a therapy session and recall saying "I'm much worse than I thought " at which Denise giggled warmly and I knew straight away that she was the person for me. I think a lot of people who have been through traumas can tend to take themselves very seriously.


My experience with Denise was extremely positive. She is an incredible "listener" who doesn't get sidetracked by the diversions and decoys our subconcious /psyche throw up to get her off the real scent. She is incisive but always human and warm. Our sessions were relatively few and I was grateful that Denise was able to draw a line in the sand and give me clear options to help sort the chaos. Now almost a year later it's hard to imagine I had become so unravelled. I'm clear, happy and know where Denise is if i ever need her!"


Anonymous, Client

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